She Asked Directions for Getting Lost is Manuela Ribadeneira's first monograph and spans her entire practice to-date: from actions organized as part of the Quito duo Artes No Decorativas in the 1990s, to recent art installations and performances, as well as publishing and institution-building projects. The central thread throughout the book is Manuela's own narrative recounting, which was prompted by hypnotic inductions scripted by Marcos Lutyens and transcribed by Sarah Demeuse. The book includes critical essays that locate Manuela's work both in a critical and specific historical context by Florencia Portocarrero, Catalina Lozano; a reprint by Virginia Pérez Rattón; a reflexive piece by Pablo Lafuente; an interview with curator Rodolfo Kronfle, and an afterword by Rivet, who also function as an interlocutor and guide throughout the book.

Design by Marcello Biffi, image layout preparation by Gian Andrea Diana, published by Mousse.

A Spanish full text version of the book can be accessed and downloaded on this page.