Rivet met up with Barcelona-based duo WeareQQ (Usué Arrieta and Vicente Vázquez) in the summer and fall of 2011 and finally formalized a conference call in December 2011, upon the artists’ return from Korea where they produced new work about Keirin, indoor cycle racing.

We’re currently co-writing a text about their previous film, Canedo (2010), made in Galicia, Spain. At its most basic, Canedo is a narrative reduced to an action: it avoids characters, identification, or documentation and is extremely scarce in the use of spoken language. In our text, we’re focusing on assemblage as a main issue, not as a post-production operation, but rather as a modus operandi that drives WeareQQ’s entire undertaking from the get-go and that’s very self-aware of the risk of instrumentalization while using the medium/history of film. In this way, we see WeareQQ enacting the shift away from a subject-object dualism that is currently much lauded by Object-Oriented Ontologists.

They have sent us back to Deleuze and Guattari and we’ve reciprocated their gift with Latour’s kayak.