Resonance is the capacity of a system to perturb and be perturbed. It doesn't depend on distinctions between objects and subjects or models of activity and passivity, but happens through relations in continuous progress. That is how philosopher Levi Bryant brings a new understanding to the term. Milk can resonate with salt, but so can a meteorite with an art institution, or a seasonal car-rally with an ephemeral community. The exhibition brings together three perspectives on resonant dynamics: a juridical process about fixation aiming to prevent resonance (Agency's thing 000789 Prince Charming), a case of unusual emergent resonance between the world's second largest meteorite and art and political institutions (Faivovich & Goldberg's El Chaco en Kassel), and a reflection on ephemeral, affective relations between things, people, and the environment (weareQQ's Goitik behera, Behetik gora). On December 4, Christoph Keller contributes with a lecture-performance and Diedrich Diederichsen's talk will be inserted as a small-run edition into the gallery space.

The questions posed in Resonance also inform Resonance and Repetition, simultaneously on view at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.

This exhibition was made possible with support from Friends of Goethe New York, the Flemish authorities, and Spain Culture New York.