Resonance and Repetition retakes questions posed in Resonance. The two shows are simultaneously on view in New York City.

Resonance speaks to how things (whether human beings, material objects, social systems or ideas) act upon each other according to local conditions. When things resonate, you get specific, temporal manifestations. Repetition, on the other hand, allows us to think about an entity's stability over time, about its resistance to entropy. It doesn't simply stand for sameness, but rather for a process of constant organization of a thing's inner-relations. It therefore may also become manifest through difference --either through a focus on affinities, resemblances, doubles, or aspects. When put together, resonance and repetition make a case for an object's autonomy while simultaneously being open to affect, and be affected by, its environment. Resonance and Repetition prioritizes dynamic networks of assemblages. Instead of looking at how humans represent things, this exhibition considers things and the varying roles they may play in specific moments, giving for difference in appearance or perception. On November 20, Pedro Neves Marques's "The Anonymous Life of Patek Philippe" is brought into the gallery space as a live reading.

This exhibition was made possible with support from the Mondriaan Foundation and Spain Culture New York.