scenario 1.2

The carving faced downward, compressed against skin with a light rash while the hand gesticulated to the discussion. It had been commented on, “a Patek Philippe,” and it had its companions in the room too. They met daily, with the exception of weekends, and even then it was not uncommon for the call of entrepreneurial duty to bring them together. The pendular movement of the wrists they embraced enabled them to catch a glimpse of each other underneath the cuffs, mistaking each other, from time to time, for gold-bathed cufflinks. All wristwatches and cufflinks meticulously matching the dark blue or the black and brown of suits. Across wooden corridors and wide vistas filtered by glass, they glimmered. As for its presence, its singularity was relative; it was noticed, yet for no other purpose than to acknowledge the necessity of a called-for luxury, or in order to certify one's own presence through that of others.

When a hammer breaks, we're somehow forced to reckon with it in a more real way, making us aware of its hammer-ness. When a Patek Philippe watch changes owners, there's a chance to enter its Patek Philippe-ness... The 3+ scenarios in this accompanying PDF propose exactly that. This text was especially edited for PDF publication and launched at the Goethe-Institut New York Wyoming Building in the company of live readings done by Janine Armin, Larissa Harris, Dushko Petrovich, Isla Leaver-Yap, and of a playlist made by our collaborators and accomplices.